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Teplotní rozhraní - Zařízení fotografie produktu

Měření teploty

Teplotní rozhraní - Zařízení

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The pallet-side temperature interface for fixtures is integrated into the pallet. It contacts with the machine-side interface once the pallet is put on the base plate on the CMM. The included built-in distributor is also integrated into the pallet and allows the connection of up to four temperature sensors. For each sensor, the corresponding connecting cable is required (not included in delivery). For positioning the sensors , cable ducts need to be prepared on the downside with a drilled hole to the upper side. We are pleased to design and produce your fixtures, especially for workpiece specific applications with automation.

In addition, the corresponding machine-side interface is required which is mounted in the base plate of the pallet system (not included in delivery).

Pallet, fixture and temperature sensors are not within the scope of delivery.

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