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Sada COMET-Check VDI 2634 DAkkS

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An intermediate inspection of the optical measuring system COMET offers you the assurance that your measuring instrument meets the measurement specifications as they are to be found in the data sheet also in practice. Every measuring instrument should be regularly monitored according to the ISO 9000 standard series. For optical measuring systems such as the COMET, the VDI guideline 2634 must be used. The test specimen fulfills these with its 20 balls and was designed in close cooperation with the developers of COMET and qualified in the ZEISS measuring laboratory. The handling is easy thanks to a provided Colin3D procedure in everyday work.

Sada COMET-Check Zkušební těleso pro optické senzory 30 koulí Ø6 mm, 2 x Ø8 mm, 4 x Ø10 mm, 2 x Ø15 mm, 2 x Ø20 mm, 2 x Ø25 mm, 2 x Ø30 mm, 2 x Ø45 mm, 2 x 60 mm podle VDI 2634 vč. DAkkS kalibrace s certifikátem

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