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REACH CFX 3 - prodloužení, M5

€ 155.02bez DPH

Thermally stable standard extension, for most applications. REACH CFX® 3 extensions have a very high level of rigidity which enables reproducible measurements even at high scanning speeds.

Typ připojení
Délka (L)
200.0 mm
21.0 g
Ø závit.adapt.(DG)
11.0 mm
Typ prodloužení
Stylus Extension
Carbon Fiber
Spojovací prvek
Úroveň přesnosti
Medium - CFX 3

Consisting of: Ø11 mm CFX® 3 carbon fiber tube Titanium adapters with M5 screw and hole for connecting additional components

Product note

ZEISS REACH CFX® extensions are available in three quality levels, adapted to the respective metrology application. REACH CFX® 1 achieves up to 40% greater rigidity than titanium extensions. REACH CFX® 3 is specially wound from a high-quality carbon fiber with several layers. Rigidity is up to 30% greater than REACH CFX® 1 REACH CFX® 5 is wound from a special high-end carbon fiber and can achieve up to 30% greater rigidity than REACH CFX® 3

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